Come, let us shine!

Actually, I can frankly say, I am totally addicted to African fabrics. Sometimes when I am in a bad mood, I will just type into Google: African prints, and I keep scrolling down and down and admire these beautiful colours….and after a while I just feel peace. And the urge, to get them. I get inspirations from looking at the colours, the patterns. So, that is me.

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How I got to love African soup

Before I met my husband about 13 years ago, I never tried African food. We met online and soon I visited him in Vienna. He welcomed me with African rice with stew and fried plantain. The food was hot, the guy was cool…. I stayed for the weekend. He was a very good cook according to his friends.

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My philosophy

Actually it all started when I was pregnant with my fourth baby. I got an old sewing machine from my godfather and started sewing. Somehow it was like an instinct, a whisper from the little girl in my womb, that is why later I named my label Omalicha – which means Beauty -, as a thank you to my daughter for the “advice”.

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A white woman and African materials

2020 is a year full of thinking. Full of unexpected events, bad happenings that make me sit down and re-evaluate many things about my work. Last week I took part in a festival organised by a few wonderful African women.

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Beauty comes in different sizes

I think there are not too many women in this world who are truly satisfied with their looks. It practically flows from everywhere in the media, that only slim is good, only thin is healthy and beautiful.

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I wish you

A Merry Christmas

and a happy new year!