Come, let us shine!

Actually, I can frankly say, I am totally addicted to African fabrics. Sometimes when I am in a bad mood, I will just type into Google: African prints, and I keep scrolling down and down and admire these beautiful colours….and after a while I just feel peace. And the urge, to get them. I get inspirations from looking at the colours, the patterns. So, that is me. But how can I help you? That is the question today. First of all, I want to ask you something. Have you ever realized when you look around yourself, that people, especially as autumn and winter come, like dressing in plain and dark coloured clothes? Everything is just black and grey and dark brown around us.

OK, OK, in summer we will bring out more colours. Like plain white. Or light grey. Wow. I find that quite depressing. Have you ever realized that when you decide to wear something colourful, your mood suddenly cheers up and even the people around you realize that you are shining? I know, many people do not trust themselves to wear colourful clothes. But if you ask them why, they can not even give a reasonable answer. Of course! Because there is no reasonable answer! The truth is that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that should stop us from wearing more colourful clothes and accessories. After all, are we not all happy when after winter we see the first flowers and admire their beautiful colours?

The lucky people who live here in Vienna, come to me sometimes because they are the types who would like to touch and wear the clothes before they buy them. So, they come, I bring out my treasure boxes (yes I have finally organized every children and adult clothes and the accessories in nice boxes, yippie yeah!) and they will wear everything they like. Sometimes they will spend one or two hours and we even discuss and spend some social time which I love because most of the time I only interact with my 4 kids and my husband. And my sewing machine. And I just sit back and watch how they shine while wearing my beautiful African skirts, checking themselves out from front and back in the mirror (check the skirts out here) or the dresses or anything they like. And in the end they will be sitting on the sofa with the chosen items, and they suddenly start thinking. Can I really buy this? Is it not too much colour? Will I not stand out from the crowd? Can I? Should I? Will I?

Well, what can I say? Hell yea, you will stand out. Everybody will see you. They will turn around to see you. Because you look like a goddess. And you have to get used to it that you are a goddess. No matter the age, the height, the weight, we are all goddesses, in the right clothes.

The part I love most is when after a few days they send me a message that they are so happy with their new items. That is just heartwarming.