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Handmade with LOVE

Every product is handmade, sewn by me or a small tailor’s company, to assure that you always get the best quality.

Unique products

The products are created in a small quantity, only a few identical pieces are made from one style and fabric, to make sure that what you wear is individual and unique.

African inspired​

I use African fabrics for my creations. These vibrant colours and patterns are a very beautiful part of the African culture and everyday life.



Handmade African inspired clothes, accessories and African fabrics



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Looking for the perfect gift?

Let me help you a little bit with finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you want to get a nice African inspired gift for a MAN, check out these links! If the guy is sporty or likes wearing shirts: If he likes unique shoes: If he often complains about muscle

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African markets and festivals

Since I started my business, we go to African markets with the products. I never thought before, what a big work it is, to participate even in a 2 or 3 days long festival! The work starts weeks-months before, and the previous days before the occasions start are just mad. Several boxes, clothes racks and

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That N word

The other day I went to a festival to sell my products. We were having a nice conversation with two Austrian ladies, when suddenly a man, who knew one of the women, appeared. After a few minutes it turned out that he is Hungarian, like me. So my friend told him that these clothes are

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Self-made designer, dreamer, mompreneur

The name OMALICHA is an igbo word, which means BEAUTY. The idea of having my own designs and label came to my head after the birth of my fourth child, a little girl who followed her three brothers. The beauty in my children and the wonderful patterns of my fabrics inspire me daily to create something new and unique. I work together with talented seamstresses to make sure that you get the perfect quality.

The symbol in my logo is an ancient Adinkra (West African) symbol. It means STRENGTH.

The symbol in my logo is an ancient Adinkra (West African) symbol. It means STRENGTH. Why did I choose this symbol? First of all, I love symmetry. It means order for me. And then the curls make the symbol look so endless and deep. And finally, the meaning.



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