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Beauty comes in different sizes

I think there are not too many women in this world who are truly satisfied with their looks. It practically flows from everywhere in the media, that only slim is good, only thin is healthy and beautiful. Well, if it comes to women. A man is good anyhow, but the expectations against us are extremely high, I think.

And actually it is a lot harder for a woman to maintain weight. Even before motherhood, the constant hormonal changes are not helping at all. And then come pregnancies, which change our bodies totally. And not everybody is the same, some will have excess here, skin problems there, let me not go on. Some women totally accept this and love their bodies, no matter what. But I am afraid, this is not the average.

I fought with my weight all my life, and apart from 3 years, I was never satisfied with my looks. And those 3 years I can "thank" to a fat burner medicine, which later was banned because of the side effects.... since then I do not take any medicine for weight loss. I also feel it many times that agreeing on extra weight is not good because it gives health problems. But on the other side, losing weight is not always easy, and it helps a lot if we can accept our looks. And then comes the next question: What should we wear? 

Have you also seen the plenty advices stylists give to plus size women? Like: do not wear this if you have thick arms, do not wear that if you have a big belly, do not ..... do not.... until it turns out that bigger women are supposed to wear only bags, possibly in black or dark grey colour! How about forgetting these advices and enjoy everything that others enjoy? I mean, if someone does not like me, they can look somewhere else, is it not so? I am trying to have some clothes for plus size women also. This week there are two types of new products which are perfect for every sizes. Firstly the ponchos, which are made of wool and have a touch of African fabric to make them unique. I have them in more colours, pink and red and grey, you will find them right here!

Secondly, I have some dresses which are so practical! In the last warm weeks of the summer you can wear them just with sandals or high heels, and as the cold comes, just wear a tight top under the dress with a pair of tight jeans or leggings and voila! You are good to go. These dresses also come in more colours, check them out here.

Always remember to check the description of the items, because there are exact measurements to the clothes which help you decide if the size is OK. Take care!