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How I got to love African soup

Before I met my husband about 13 years ago, I never tried African food. We met online and soon I visited him in Vienna. He welcomed me with African rice with stew and fried plantain. The food was hot, the guy was cool.... I stayed for the weekend. He was a very good cook according to his friends. I only tasted the stew, it was so delicious (they called it sweet which I could not understand because it was salty tongue-out), he put green beans into it also. He kept frying plantains for me the whole weekend, so I was a happy girl. I enjoyed that stew so much that later I accused him of putting juju in the food so that I will keep coming back to him laughing.

But then other food appeared on the table, they called it soup and fufu. Which was nonsense because everybody knows that soup is some stuff swimming in much water. But this soup was thick and they stuffed the fufu called something into it. From the looks and the smell I knew that I would never touch that food.

Time went by, later I got pregnant and after I gave birth, he came every weekend to see us in Hungary. Our little son was a few weeks old, when papa decided that he will cook soup in the weekend. He brought every ingredients and I did not have the heart to tell him that I can not even stand the smell. So he started cooking and I ran outside to fresh air with our son. Later I had to go inside....and the smell of the food hit my nose. And this time, the smell wrapped me up and pulled me to the kitchen. He was already making the fufu and I told him that I would like to try it. Since then I tried all the soups one by one and became a fan. I think it was Chinedu, my little newborn son who caused this. He was like "this woman has to understand that she is the mother of a little African man now, there is no way she will not eat soup". So I eat soup now.

Unfortunately after we got married, my husband lost his talent of cooking egusi soup. Sometimes he burned it, sometimes it gave him running stomach, it never succeeded any more. So he stopped preparing it. To my greatest regret, I must say. Once we visited a Nigerian family and their egusi was so sweet that I asked the woman to teach me how she prepares it. And she showed me. Since then I prepare this soup and it is my favourite. We use a special mix to prepare the fufu because I do not eat gluten products. So I mix the fufu from rice or corn flour, dry potato powder and cassava flour. My mother-in-law tried the fufu and she said it is better than what she eats at home laughing

Which one is your favourite African dish?