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to Omalicha - In love with colours - the perfect place if you are looking for where to buy handmade African inspired clothes, accessories and African fabrics. 




More and more IBE Backpacks! IBE is an igbo word, it means Companion, Partner. I chose this name because these eye-catching beautiful rucksacks are a perfect choice for you anywhere you go. You can check them out in the webshop HERE

The new pullovers are in the shop! Check them out HERE!

Autumn is officially here! So I have already thought of us ladies, we all need a new poncho with a touch of African fabrics for the cold season! Check out these awesome colours!

These off shoulder dresses are a perfect choice if you want to wear a dress in summer and winter too. In hot weather you can wear them simply with sandals or high heels, in colder weather just wear a tight top under the dress with a pair of leggings or tight jeans! More of these dresses are available in plus size too! Find more colours HERE.

Little girls like these African print off shoulder dresses too, dont you think so? Look up the colours and sizes HERE.


And now....something completely different! Original leather shoes with a touch of African fabrics, unique and special footwear. This purple one is my favourite, check out the other colours HERE too! Watch out! Limited collection!

Spice your outfit up with an African hair band! Beautiful patterns, 100% cotton, check them out HERE.


In the last few months, sadly, the need for a new product appeared, so I started sewing face masks. As a support for all in the hard times, I decided that the masks will be only 3 EUR. Click HERE for more details and patterns.




Feel free to visit the SHOP and get more information about them :)

Find us in Facebook! I created a group, where you can discuss with me and other members about fashion, culture, food and many other things, and I always inform you about the new special offers. Click HERE here to find the group!

Do you live in Vienna? You can come around any time, just send an email HERE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you live far, we can send your chosen products per post any time! You can pay easily with or through bank transfer. Delivery within Austria normally takes 2 working days, within Europe only about 3-4 working days.


The name Omalicha is an igbo word, which means BEAUTY. The idea of having my own designs and label came to my head after the birth of my fourth child, a little girl who followed her three brothers. The beauty in my children and the wonderful patterns of my fabrics inspire me daily to create something new and unique. I work together with talented seamstresses to make sure that you get the perfect quality.

The symbol in my logo is an ancient Adinkra (West African) symbol. It means STRENGTH. Why did I choose this symbol? First of all, I love symmetry. It means order for me. And then the curls make the symbol look so endless and deep. And finally, the meaning. As a mother of four children, running a household and still not giving up on my dreams, one of the things I really need is strength. Any time I am exhausted, I look at this symbol and it just helps me never to give up.

Everything that you see on this website is made with love, in small quantities, we do not do mass production. We are also ready to create your own design, to discuss that, please send us an EMAIL!